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Evolution is Change Through Time, Exhibited by Progress + Growth

Isn't It Time That You Make Some Changes?


My Approach

Helping You Move Forward

Most people seek my help because they want to feel relief or want something to change. The truth is, coaching is a place to invite curious conversation about the stories that keep us stuck and disconnected.  I understand, we all find safety and security in our narrative. However, it is essential that we go beyond our norms if we are to establish more clarity and comfort in who we are and how we feel at our core.  It is from this place that we re-connect with our capacity to change how we think, feel, and relate.  It is then, and only then, that we begin to experience ourselves, our partners, families, friends, colleagues, and the world, in a new light.

My coaching approach is grounded in practical psychology, and a wealth of valuable personal and business experience. My role is to help you go beyond your internal narrative so that we can explore how you make meaning of your experiences.  Only then can we address what really keeps you and your relationships stuck, and then take the next step forward, together.

I do this by using the tools and techniques necessary to provide you with the best opportunity for growth, healing, and good health. Our time spent together will be filled with moments of empathy, humor, compassion, deep listening, transparency, and accountability. Each is a necessary component to help you to evolve toward the most desired version of you.

I prefer an informal structure, ensuring that each time we’re together, I will meet you where you are then. This is and always will be about you, and what you need each time that we meet. My approach is highly conversational due to the belief that sharing experiences together is more effective and meaningful than when only one of us shares with the other. Most importantly, I will advocate for you and use every internal and external resource I have, to support you on your journey to healing and good health.

Together, safely and at your pace, we will go deep and discover unhelpful behaviors, limiting beliefs or perceived obstacles that are limiting you - and remove them. We will transform insight into actions and create a strategy to get you closer to achieving your objectives and overall happiness.

Others see things as they are and say “why”?
Let’s dream things that never were
and say “why not”.

A Bit About Me

Hi there, I'm Jeff Henning


Throughout my personal and professional life, I vowed not to stand by and watch others suffer needlessly. I became a confidant, mentor, and advisor to friends, co- workers, employees, neighbors, and relatives. I was told by many over the years to “hang my shingle” to help others in a full-time capacity. 

 I’ve been in training to become your coach since I was eight years old. After suffering severe and consistent trauma, I looked around to find that I had no one who was there for me. I was alone. Instead of understanding that I should reach out professionally or personally for help, I often chose to press onward, choosing to swallow the pain, sadness, and loneliness.

Along the way, I became a husband, (a few times), a father (many times), as well as a businessman who started, grew, acquired, and sold many businesses. I have battled cancer, amassed wealth, leaned toward near bankruptcy, survived parenting through adolescence a mere ten times, blended a family, all the while striving to balance the needs of my family with the demands of my career.

Whether fighting through the harrows of life, or leaning into life’s pleasure, I learned that the sheer joy of helping others presented the most fulfilled version of myself. While others were running from the burning buildings, I was running toward them.

To put this simply, I have traveled upon the road that you are on. I’ve been where you’ve been and have successfully navigated toward where you’re going. I’ve made the mistakes, delivered, and received the hurts, reimagined my career, revived many relationships, and am continuing to evolve along the way. I’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals, families, couples, teams, Boards, investors and clients to coach and champion each toward their optimal version desired.

What separates me from others is the fact I have a significant level of experience in every area of human development: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. My role is to help you go beyond what we believe to be our life stories so that we can explore how you make meaning of your experiences.  Only then can we address what really keeps you and your relationships stuck in a place you wish to be freed from. 


I offer these words to you: A dream that you dream alone is only a dream. A dream that we dream together is a reality.


I’m ready to invest in you. You’re reading this because you’re ready too. I ask you this: if not now, when?

The greatest discovery of all time is that you can change your future by merely changing your attitude.

Coaching Services

Coaching is a powerful way of growing your interpersonal skills and raising your awareness of how you interact with others. Whether it is with friends, family, other social relationships, or those that you interact with at work, I can help you evolve toward the best version of you.


Individual coaching is a powerful way of developing your interpersonal skills and raising your awareness of how you interact with others. We will work together to boost your confidence, build effective communication skills, and improve your emotional intelligence. Success is defined here by vastly improving your success and happiness in all aspects of your life.


Relationship coaching helps you to develop effective and fulfilling relationships with others. The goal here is to make individual changes in your life that will ultimately help you to become a better partner and to improve your existing and future relationships.  This coaching supports individuals, couples, and families in learning vital relational skills. You will learn how to develop conflict resolution skills and tools to deepen intimacy in all your relationships.


The purpose of business coaching is to unlock potential to maximize performance. It is helping people to learn rather than telling them. Business coaching applies to you, your team, and your business in general. Effective business coaching is also teaching someone how to think and strategize. Too many of us mistake business and career tactics for strategy. Together, we will discover what is really blocking you and/or your business today, such as unhelpful behaviors, limiting beliefs or perceived obstacles, and remove them toward assured success.


Concierge coaching provides you with the benefit of having an enhanced style of service to cultivate your more imminent and greater success. Shifting your perspective and understanding your own process is impossible without someone to see it, hear it and reflect it back to you. Should your lifestyle or career demand more predictability or a higher level of service, this approach provides a program that is specifically tailored for your needs. Due to the highly engaging nature of this service, a limited number of clients will be offered Concierge services.

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